Non-Condense Gas SME

PL is commensurate with experience¬ 


Technology Subject Matter Experts (SME)s use expertise and leadership gained through years of experience to deliver improvement within the manufacturing system.¬  The duties vary widely between practicing safety leadership, troubleshooting, deliberate improvement projects, capital projects, equipment and process studies and audits.¬  A key component of a Subject Matter Expert's job is to transfer knowledge and skills to mill personnel to build on-site capability.¬  The SMEII position is a functioning but developing SME.¬  Results are balanced against continued technical and leadership growth.¬ 

The Subject Matter Expert position is accountable for delivering results on a wide range of assignments, short and long-term, across our global mill system.¬  The SME must work well with varied teams and be able to quickly engage employees from all levels of the organization from executive to the shop floor, and influence vendors and contractors.¬  The SMEII is known and respected within the facilities exposed.¬  The individual is able to function independently for general projects and issues within the skill area.¬ 

The Subject Matter Expert position functions as an internal consultant, and is expected to develop projects and produce improvement in the area of Non-Condensable Gas Systems anywhere in the company.¬  The duties range widely between safety leadership, troubleshooting, optimization, teaching, deliberate improvement projects, capital projects, process audits, strategic studies, and mentoring.¬  Performance measurements include:

  • Ability to contribute to, and deliver improving safety results, with a specific emphasis in the area of expertise

  • Ability to rapidly and accurately diagnose and resolve operating malfunctions, either onsite and or remotely

  • Reduction in consumption of direct raw materials, energy, and labor.

  • Improvement in production, reliability, availability and quality above historical limits and to world-class levels

  • Ability to interface with and technically develop and mentor others within the area of expertise

  • Ability to drive results and self-manage priorities on multiple simultaneous projects


The SME II may be relatively new to the COE or still working on several of these areas for development of independence.¬  The SME II is a valued member of any project or improvement team.¬ 

The SME is a self-directed individual, and as such needs a wide array of leadership, functional / technical and organizational skills.¬  Key examples include:

Leadership/managerial competencies

  • Interpersonal Savvy ‚€“ This position interacts with all levels of the company, across the cultures and languages within IP operations.¬  The individual must adapt as the situation requires and maintain positive outcomes.

  • Learning on the Fly & Problem Solving ‚€“ This person is the expert within their area of specialization.¬  As new or unique situations are encountered, they must self-develop technical skills as the situation dictates.¬ ¬ 

  • Presentation & Communication Skills ‚€“ This person must employ strong verbal and written skills in the rapid communication of issue resolution and new opportunity development.

  • The SME II is asked to be very collaborative and check advice and recommendations amongst peers due to the developing nature of their position.¬  Leadership and advocacy for best practices and change are key leadership and influencing skills for the role.

  • The SME II increasingly works independently, self-identifying and completing work and seeking leadership of specific projects.

Functional / Technical competencies

  • Process ‚€“ Expert in the individual's specific area of expertise or combination of areas of expertise.

    • NCG system design operation and maintenance of current and future NCG systems in the mill system.

    • Capable of upgrading the company's NCG Guidelines into a policy manual

    • Capable of development of an audit/compliance program to ensure proper operation, maintenance and design of NCG systems.

    • Capable of NCG system evaluations and onsite support with the use of bench marking and best practice sharing

    • Capable of participation on cost savings improvement teams to identify projects related to NCG system operations and a moderate level of project development skills.

    • Technical knowledge of pulping by-product system design and operations

  • Engineering ‚€“ Experienced in fundamentals of engineering needed for process or equipment design and knowledgeable of the capital process to at least a moderate level.

  • Operations - Familiar in the development of operating procedures and policy.

  • The SME II's skills and technical proficiency are still developing, and there are gaps within their capabilities that continue to be developed

  • The SMEII will be familiar with and work well with technical experts within the company or outside, but is not sought out for their knowledge by such experts.

Minimum qualifications:¬ 

  • The applicant will possess at least 10 years of experience in system operations.

  • The applicant will possess at least 5 years of experience in operations and service in NCG system design and maintenance.

  • The candidate should have experience in the by-product collection systems and gas streams produced by these systems.

  • The applicant will be capable of supporting extensive domestic and international travel requirements, and providing process technical support on a business priority basis.

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